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Male puppy Roxi X Steed litter 2013

Nola J Synness

Helena, MT 59604


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Tyler said on Sep 1, 2017 1:06 AM

I am lucky enough to have gotten one of Nola's labs a few years ago. This is quite honestly the greatest pup I have ever had. She is a family dog, with the sweetest temperament. She is incredibly strong but knows how to be gentle around very small children, elderly folks, and people with disabilities. I have hardly had to teach her a thing, I think she has taught me more. I love her to pieces and smile every time I think about her. She is 4 years now and as healthy as ever. Thanks so much, Nola!

John P. Hasson said on Dec 23, 2016 3:26 AM

Dear Nola I just thought that it was about time that I contacted you to express my most sincere appreciation for my Lab. Major . He continues after 10 years to be an outstanding hunter and constant companion. In his prime he was tenacious , ever alert to my desires and commands with not a once of quit. Now at 10 We both are at heel and my days of judging Pa. Beagles except for show have come to a end. He is in good health and goes everywhere from church to 3x a week to sit with me while hounds are trained .This was a poor year for waterfowl in western Pa. and none were accounted for except for woodcock and a few ducks. I have come to depend on him for hearing as my years in the Marine Corps have finally caught up , so in a way he is also an assistance dog. I refused to breed any females and neutered him many years ago. Thank you for such a wonderful companion and friend and " Merry Christmas.May the New year bring blessing to your kennel and adequate rain for a outstanding year at the ranch. I wish I knew how to attach a photo of him but tech is not my stong suit. Regards John

Sherry said on Feb 6, 2013 0:42 AM

I've been around many of the Sleeping Giant labs and I will say that they are the best examples of "balanced" labs I've ever seen. Plenty of drive with fabulous temperaments! I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful hunting dog, family companion and/or show dog.

Deb Tyanich said on Dec 17, 2010 11:32 PM

We have a black Lab from Sleeping Giant. He will be 2 in January. His temperment and personality are fantastic. He has earned Novice and Advanced Rally titles along with CGC and registered Therapy Dog this year. We are training to run Agility. We hunt birds, he is a natural. We have 3 Labs and I plan to get another from Roxie's current litter. I would like all the Labs in my future to come from these lines. I could sing praise for these Labs all day!

Donna said on Sep 17, 2010 8:47 AM

I heard about you from a very satisfied customer and am just checking your web site and your dogs.

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